Eugenio Edgardo Dipierro: Eugene from Italy. Eugenio graduated from a culinary college in Milan, after successfully obtaining an high school diploma in a well-known hotel management school. He has worked at the Milan Visconti Palace Luxury Hotel Milan and Hotel Principe di Savoia. Eugene arrived in China in 2014 and became one of the foundering members of UFOOD COOKING ACADEMY. Eugenio has been working in every major Chinese city, providing professional advice to high-end restaurants.

Quentin Bury: from France. Quentin, graduated from the business school, has been working in a number of well-known French restaurants, such as “Cote Plage in Cap d’Agde”. He was the deputy head chef of Michelin star chef Herve Do Santos. In 2013, Quentin came to China, engaged in wine import and export trade and catering services. He’s one of the founding member UFOOD COOKING ACADEMY.

Chris Alenowicz: from Poland. He graduated from the most prestigious bartending school in Poland. He has been working as a bartender in Sopot, and the best bar in Gdansk. In 2013, for 2 years, he was a manager in the Sheraton Sopot Hotel, a five-star hotel in Polanda. He is a bar consultant and a pastry chef.

Andrea Cesari: a winemaker from Italy. In 2014, he obtained his degree from the University of Milan and joined the wine industry. He has 8 years of working experience in the wine industry. He has been engaged in wine appreciation and tasting in famous wineries in Australia, France and Italy

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